FC Partner is a French RegTech providing GPs and LPs with the finest web management softwares, using advanced and inovative technologies to increase processes efficiency and performance through enhanced data quality and reliability.

These are the main areas of competence we are proud to share with and deliver to our customers.
Each is covered by one or two specific packages that concentrate our knowledge embeded in the lates technology.

AIF Reporting

ESMA through AIFMD requests for detailed and reliable reports quarterly.
Do you spend too much time on it ?

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AIF Administration

Oursourced administration: the investors will pay the bill. For how long ?
Want competitive management fees ?

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Funds Performance

Got Data ? or just a bugged Excel warehouse ? Would you like real time quality dashboard ?

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GP Process Control

Growing, who does what ? It is now highly recommended that 1rst level control be documented. Too costly ? But so usefull ...

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FC Partner is a RegTech Software Editor. We create to provide our customers with ultimate awesome technology to build performant information systems for GPs and LPs. Performant means efficient, reliable, time saving and cost saving.

Below are listed our solution packages and all the modules availables. Select one package to list modules required and functionalities covered.

  • All
  • AIFM Reporting
  • AIF Performance
  • AIF Administration
  • Full GP Solution
  • Op. Risks & Controls
  • AIF General Ledger


When implementing our solutions, we do the job for you : the history data cleansing, so your data become highly reliable, accessible and you take best advantage of the technology we deliver.

Our solutions are highly customizable, so we can fit to almost any process, no matter how complex, because we know that your specificity is your brand and that your customers expectations must be taken in account.

It is crucial that during the information system migration process you data get enhanced, cleaned, corrected, updated, connected and consequently become an asset for your organisation.

By growing your manual processing monster you may have not noticed that alternative organisation could bring performance, save money and speed up information flows throuh out the enterprise.

Project Steering Committee will keep management informed of milestones achieved during the project, and will ensure all goals achived in time and in budget.

Any time, our team is dedicated to your activity continuity. The Cloud will enable smooth technical continuity but should any question raised, we will assist you to find the solution.

Although web born and therefore user intuitive, advanced technology requires solid understanding of how it works. This is what our Ad-hoc trainning will make for you.

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